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Quilt No. 020 (and nap roll)


Well this was a cool commission! I am so glad I decided to do it. I think the nap roll turned out really well! The design originally started out with the quilt being attached to the roll, but I just did not love the permanency of it. So I thought maybe a tab and button function. When the tabs are not in use, they naturally slip back behind the quilt, as if they are not there. Another feature is the roll itself. I wanted it to be lofty and cloud-like, but also easily washable. The solution was an envelope closure down the side, similar to pillowcases found at IKEA. Any type of sleeping pillow can go in there, like a down pillow or alternative. Just take them out when the roll needs washing! But the best part is the name! The customer wanted the family name to be displayed somewhere on there and looking at all the options out there, it tends to be on the outside and machine embroidered cursive. Snore. I ended up appliquéing shapes to mimic the letters KOCH and adding in some hand stitching detail to make it pop. I'm happy to report that it was very well received! The customer and her family really seemed to love it!