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Quilt No. 019


Twin (ish) Size

The vintage top (last image) was found in the craft supply thrift store, Scrap. I loved the pattern and the fabrics, but the dinginess of the colors were not my favorite. I had a 20 gallon Indigo Vat waiting for me at home and wondered how overdyeing this quilt would turn out? I believe I dipped it about 5-6 times for the color you see. I could not have hoped for better. The variations of blues are so beautiful!! The areas with super light blues - those are an orangey-pink synthetic material that did not take the dye well, but really makes the quilt interesting. Unfortunately that fabric frayed at the seams and I needed to go over some of those seams with an applique repair. This just added more dimension to the quilt! I made an improv back consisting of navy solids and shibori samples, and used a warm and natural cotton batting. I machine quilted along the grid and hand quilted around each star using sashiko thread. The binding was sewn on by hand (I never do this!).