Hello! My name is Skye Rayburn. I make modern quilts and other textile goods.

I made my first quilt back in 2011, but my background is in apparel. I had the goal to double major in Fashion and Fibers, but half way through both programs I realized it was going to be too much to handle. I wanted to be able to give the maximum effort, but instead it felt like I was flailing through both. So I dropped Fibers.The Fashion program enabled me to learn about different textiles, pattern making, tailoring and industrial sewing. All very handy skills to have and they definitely give you the confidence in creating different textile goods.

I prefer to use natural fibers in my work. My favorite fabrics to use are naturally dyed cotton indigo cloths, linens, muslins and recycled denim. I love to play with different textures and layer different styles of stitching.

Thank you for coming by and please let me know if you have any questions or commission requests!